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characteristics of adolescence

characteristics of adolescence
characteristics of adolescence
hello adolescence.
Adolescence we often refer to as the most beautiful in our life.
Adolescence as the process towards a mature person. Adolescence is the most impressive. From there we find the characteristic traits  Adolescence  challenge.
Here Qvae will discuss a little of the characteristics of adolescence, the following characteristics of adolescence

a. Adolescence as a critical period that the changes experienced during adolescence will provide a direct impact on the individuals concerned and will affect future developments.
b. Adolescence as a period of training. Here means the development of childhood again and not be considered as an adult. Status of adolescents is not clear, this situation gives him time to try a different lifestyle and determine patterns of behavior, values ​​and attributes that best suits him.
c. Adolescence as a period of change, ie changes in the emotional body changes, interests and roles (to be an independent adult), changes in the values ​​espoused, as well as the desire for freedom.
d. Adolescence as the search for identity that teens sought in the form of an attempt to explain who he is and what its role in society.
e. Adolescence as a time to inspire fear. It was said, because it is hard set, tend to behave poorly. This makes a lot of parents are becoming afraid.
f. Adolescence is a period that is not realistic. Adolescents tend to view life from pink glasses, looked at himself and others as may be desired and not as they advance in ideals.
g. Adolescence as adulthood. Adolescents experience confusion or difficulty in the attempt to leave the habit at earlier ages and in giving the impression that they are nearly or already adults, by smoking, drinking, using drugs and engaging in sexual behavior. They consider that this behavior will give the image they want.
Inferred the existence of physical and psychological changes in adolescents, the tendency of adolescents will experience problems in adjusting to the environment. It is expected that the developmental task of adolescence can lead to a good and full responsibility.
characteristics of adolescence

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