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How to address teenagers sexual culture

How to address teenagers sexual culture

How to address teenagers sexual culture
At the end of  teenagers  admit that their parents are influential in shaping their thinking about sex. Parental attitudes affect them, especially in determining the attitude of the youth. Recognition is the result of a survey recently conducted for the American teenager who lives in Washington.
"As children begin to leave   teenagers   and sexual desire comes, many parents feel the loss of her children because they are difficult to be kept away from popular culture that is easier to reach them. But the survey officer of the National Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention precisely the opposite, "I'm so these officers in their reports.

Although the teens recognize the influence of friends is so strong as well. The girls acknowledged the pressure from their partner is still strong. While young men are admitted friends still the dominant element.
Based on the results of a survey conducted during the campaign there is a surprising result, that for the affairs of this skes  teenagers  are still a lot of influence from the parents of 38 percent. And some are about 32 percent said they got influence from friends to decide everything.
Meanwhile, about 50 percent of parents actually think they are easily influenced  teenagers  to have sex the first time of her friends.
The teens admitted friends are very influential in determining their mindsets and attitudes. About 94 percent acknowledge, at least play a role in the influence of friends in this way of thinking to have sex
But the influence of the pressure received by young men and women differently. Approximately 37 percent of young women admitted often under pressure from her partner. While 45 percent of young men under the influence of his friends, only about 19 percent of the claim under the influence of her partner.
"Because it's the most priority is to do outreach to young men. There are still mistaken opinion that teenage pregnancy is a problem only young women. Fact that the pregnancy occurred because of the role of partner," said Bill Albert one of the official campaign to prevent teen pregnancy.
Thanks to campaigns that are conducted every year, the teen birth rate of women drops to 20 percent since 1991. Thanks to the extension officers often do, we got the result is quite satisfying that adolescents and young adults the fear of having sex with a reason for getting AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases.
The survey also found some new evidence that is satisfactory. That most adolescents and young adults think that  teenagers  should delay their first sexual relationship until the right moment.
"Exclaimed the argument going on among the young would be an effective strategy with accompanying measures to prevention and campaign use of contraceptives."
Specifically, about 73 percent of adults and 56 percent of teens admit  teenagers  should not have sex. But if ever they had to admit it, should have access to and actively involved in family planning programs.
Meanwhile, 50 percent of adults and 18 percent of teens said there should be an unequivocal action desperate teens who have sex freely. While about 12 percent of adults and 25 percent of teens look more liberal. They said the teen may do the will of those about sex all access to health services is also wide open for them.
Proponents of family planning programs by 24 percent of teens and 28 percent of adults, said the optimistic range of counseling could prevent  teenagers  to do desperate acts.
Officers conducted a survey on the campaign in Washington from January to February 2001 to 1002 adolescents aged 12 to 19 years and 1,024 adults. According to officials, the error rate for the survey was only about 3 percent.

How to address teenagers sexual culture

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