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Mass Media, Technology, and Mental Development of Children

Mass Media, Technology, and Mental Development of Children

Mass Media, Technology, and Mental Development of Children
Last days of this, we almost can not be separated from the frenetic news similar porn actress video scandal that has spread freely on the internet. Despite all the criticism and news flashed on the artists involved, we do need to be concerned that the spread of the recording, is affordable to the various groups, including children. Even long before the excitement of this video appears, we will remember also the spread of sex videotape former officials, students, artists change clothes, and much more.
Everything is an activity that tends taboo in the culture of our society, especially for children. And can not be denied, cases involving famous artists to the attention of public and government big enough because they are public figures, thus making more likely among those who want to know, what is being reported by the mass media.

We have to admit, in this modern era of the all, the dissemination of information of any kind, whether positive or negative, relatively difficult to avoid, as well as information that should be reserved for adults who are physically and mentally ready to receive the information. Moreover, development of the Internet and devices are getting cheaper and more we need to everyday activities, allowing easier access.
Would not be effective if we as parents, we just ban children and scold when we find him eating adults classified information, either through the internet, mobile phones, television or other technological tools, because it will bring up a great curiosity in children , and in the end, it will easily be tempted to find out in actual practice, as most have been reported in various media.
Therefore, the key to protect our baby from the negative impact of technological advances, while we are able to maximize the positive aspects of the technology, is COMMUNICATION. Just like any relationship whatsoever, including the relationship between husband and wife, COMMUNICATION is the most effective means of providing input to each other, understand each other, providing mutual understanding, and learning from each other in achieving win-win solution in any problem whatsoever.
Anger, force, prohibit, punish, or other emotional action, tends to increase feelings of anxiety and a desire to rebel in  children , which in the end, it would be difficult for parents in the planting of appropriate value.
Communication between parent- children  well-established (that is,  children  feel good when communicating with parents, rather than depressed or afraid), it would be much more effective way to instill values ​​than external factors. Only when the  children  does not feel comfortable when he is at home, that's when external factors (friends, media, etc.) have a significant influence.
So, how effective air-COMMUNICATION easy to understand terms so that the  children  is a parent?
Here, it takes FITNESS core information that is communicated between parents with a child's mental development, which generally follow the development of his age.
Undeniably, the intellectual development can be faster and earlier thanks to the influence of nutritional, environmental, and parenting. In contrast, mental development to the ongoing synergy between the parent- children -environment until the  children  can begin to take responsibility on their own in adulthood.
Therefore, we present some of these tips that can parents try to instill values ​​in a normative (especially sex-related behavior):
1. Utilizing Imagery / Metaphor and OFFICIAL LOVE
This is especially when a  children  under the age of at least 7 years (approximately grade 2), asked where he was born.
Better parents avoid answers that difficult to accept common sense because someday in the future, it will be difficult to believe the  children  to the parents if it is not like the fact that parents delivered.
Parents provide a better answer than love, like love stories and fairy tales of Cinderella's love, the  children  was born. Thus, the concept was born from the "Love", became the norm that the information recorded on the  children .
At the age of 7 th - the beginning of puberty, parents can add the concept of "Love" is the concept of "official", in the eyes of religion and law, such as  children  born of the love that has been officially united by religion and law in the form of marriage legitimate.
So when the  children  is entering a period of puberty (teenage and up), the values ​​of "love" and "official" has been recorded in the child's personality, so the next task of the elderly relative is lighter with guiding  children  to adapt to changes in organ function has begun to mature. Only then,  children  can learn about the new beginning "Biological Process" formation of the birth of a  children  with the values ​​of "love" and "official" embedded.
2. Shows the happiness that radiates from wedding photographs parent
3. Shows the happiness that radiates from the birth of a  children  document, the result of love that is manifested in the form of official marriage.
4. Menekankankan and always repeating the word "BELIEVE same father and mother's brother (or son's nickname), and that the sister would always use a trust with both Father and Mother"
5. Explain that free sex as shown by the artists and others as reported in various media and the internet, it is not "Love" because it is not accounted for "official" in the presence of religion and law. Therefore, such behavior will not result in happiness for themselves.
This applies no matter when the  children  reaches adolescence and began a dating relationship, so that the value / keyword "Love", "Official", and "Parents Believe" that has been embedded in the principle of life of  children  children  mental condition would have relative prepared to keep yourself from the temptation to have sexual relations before their time, even with his own girlfriend.
6. Last but not least, is a ROLE MODEL of the parents. Without a "ROLE MODEL" in accordance with the fact that views the  children , then step 1 s / d 5 would be less effective, or more precisely, to no avail.
As a proverb says, "Little by little, long into the hills." So it is with the mental development of young people in the future, especially our  children .
We can not fix the past, we can not shut ourselves off from the changing times, we also can not avoid the rapid technological advances, but we can learn from mistakes and correct them for the sake of a better future. And, it all depends on each one of us today.

Mass Media, Technology, and Mental Development of Children


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