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qvae: Learing from Education System in America

qvae: Education System in America
State or federal union selected the United States (U.S.) is also reflected in the education system that embraces decentralization through the states (states).

qvae: Education System in America

Primary responsibility all the affairs of the education department of education is based in Washington. Daily affairs are being fully delivered in each state.

Similar to that in Indonesia, besides the government, private and religious organizations are also permitted to establish schools. They established the school level varied from elementary to college. Private schools are also allowed to use a different education system that is used by the state concerned. Boarding school (boarding school) is an example of the type that is opened by a private school or religious organization.

Especially with regard to higher education, higher education in the United States can be divided into College and University. College generally, with few exceptions, more focused education degree program (undergraduate), while holding a good university degree (undergraduate) and postgraduate (graduate). In university terms to be similar to college faculty. For example, we find in the university's College of Engineering (Faculty of Engineering) or the College of Economics (Faculty of Economics).

Nevertheless, as noted earlier, the college in this university dealt only degree program (undergraduate). So if there are prospective student from Indonesia to sign the Master of Mining Engineering, he must be related to the Graduate College (Graduate Program). Graduate College will then forward an application to the Department of Mining Engineering, which will then be returned to the Graduate College to decide whether the candidate was accepted or not. If finally accepted, the student will be administratively enrolled in the Graduate College and an academic at the Department of Mining Engineering.

For graduate programs, not all universities offer doctoral programs. Some of them only offer up to masters level, especially if the program is intended to educate graduates who are ready to practitioners in the world of work. This master program there are 2 kinds. Master terminal and sustainable master.

As explained previously, the master terminal is a program to prepare graduates as practitioners. After completion of education, he is expected to be back to work. Being earmarked for sustainable master graduates wishing to continue studies to pursue a doctorate.

So do not let the wrong choice. Future plans are very influential in the selection of this master level.
qvae: Education System in America

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