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Qvae: At first glance, Model Education In the United States

Qvae: At first glance, Model Education In the United States

Overview of the education system in the U.S.
At first glance, Model Education In the United States
       There are two kinds of education in the U.S., the public and private; but between them there are educated at home. Because it is not mentioned in the Constitution, education is the responsibility of the state. Educational supervision conducted by a third party, namely federal, state, and local control. At the local level, the supervision carried out by the school board, superintendent, school districts, parents, and community. Each state or state has its own education system, so there are 50 kinds of education systems in the U.S. according to the number of states. Each delegate authority to the school board. Because it lies in the control of education and public schools in the district.

       Each school has a system of education. If the number of schools in the U.S. there are 14,000, this means there are 14 000 kinds of educational systems. That number declined from year to year. In 1930 as many as 130 000 thousand, and in 2000 lived 14,000. Hours of learning is set between 6-7 hours per day, including lunch. Within a year came in about 180-190 days are divided into four quarters @ 9 weeks for high school. While the primary-junior level between 6-7 hours of lessons a day @ 45-55 minutes. Sometimes there are scheduling a time of 90 minutes called (block (.
       Core curriculum is determined by each state, consisting of: language arts (writing, spelling, reading), language, science, math, social science, and sports. Graduate requirements are determined by each state, and at that time 34 states require tests for students who produce the product, so it's not a written test. Products include the results of research and presented to the class. It seems that, no particular education system should be adopted in the U.S..
The concept of educational leadership and management
       Leadership and management are distinguished because of its function, namely: leadership serves to make the change, while management functions to address the complexity or maintain the status quo. Both have the same function, namely: (a) specify something to be done, (b) create networks and relationships to achieve goals, and (c) attempt to convince people to do the job.
The concept of policy
       Educational policy is made by federal, state, and school district level, and implemented by the superintendent or the superintendent. Value being debated in the education sector there are four, namely:
 (a) equation, that every child gets a chance to learn,
 (b) efficiency,
 (c) autonomy, and
 (d) of high quality. Political support must be aligned in order to achieve educational goals, and philosophy should be the same.
Structuring education
       Structuring education carried out by four levels, namely: 
 (a) local, consisting of school board, superintendent, principals, parents, and community;
 (b) region, in some states there are only (29 states) the conduct and coordination of services such as consulting, human resources, curriculum, instruction, evaluation, and training;
 (c) state, making the school rules and establish the school board, and
 (d) Federal, which provides financial support, but did not interfere in education policy. Private schools to follow the rules in force in either public school curriculum, student welfare, health, and others.
Comparison of the education system in the U.S. and in Indonesia
       A clear comparison in terms of the teacher is in the field of requirements. Teachers must have a teaching license issued by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. This license must be renewed every 5 years. Teachers should be educated at least S-1 in the subjects taught, and control methods. Renewal of the license is intended for teachers to keep up to date and add to his knowledge. He should take a course in college that reaches 180 points, or equivalent to 6 credits.
Qvae: At first glance, Model Education In the United States


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