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Qvae: Want to be a Good Teacher?

Qvae: Want to be a Good Teacher?

Qvae: Want to be a Good Teacher?
Being a teacher is in the interest lately. Evident from the growing number of students across the University Teacher Training and Education. A good teacher will produce a good student.
Sure there are distinct reasons why the teaching profession is increasingly becoming a favorite choice. One of them is a wide-open job vacancies with central and local government focus adds a lot of schools around the country.

The second reason is of course the welfare of the teaching profession are constantly upgraded by the government to raise teachers' salaries and certification.
Of the above factors, many of the teachers are sometimes reluctant to develop themselves and prepare the best method for their students. Needs be, how do we prepare for the proper and accurate, and efficient to be a teacher. Nothing is too late to start, let's clean up and change. Hopefully these tips and writing to inspire change yourself for the better.
I attach the following 15 tips will prepare you to become a teacher who is ready:
Avoid frowning when you are one of the students answered, let alone tell her off. Initiative to answer your question, it is necessary to encourage the appreciation and mentally. Provide guidance to the patient when they are constantly wrong.
Try hard to find a suitable method and in accordance with the character and capacity of the power of your students' minds at the beginning of the semester, instead you will be hard to manage them continuously throughout the semester.
When you are putting the authority to handle problems in the classroom. do not always choose the "angry" to silence the noise class. Try to stand and stare with a smile towards students who are a source of noise.
No need to run a rigid plan of instruction. From time to time try to vary with the joking, playing and talking with students to avoid boredom in your class.
Give your students the opportunity to participate actively in class. They invite discussion, forward or argue against a theme that you provide. This will educate them to think and express his thoughts.
Flexible tried to students in providing punishment when they are wrong. Punishment in the form of violence will bring new problems. Try to give the penalty that led students to feel ashamed to do wrong again in your class.
Give the grid or clear descriptions of the material that you will ujikan. Avoid saying. This will make students who have difficulty learning the material does not attempt to prepare at home.
A time to talk face to face with students who have problems. Speaking from the heart raises a good impression for them. If you need to go home (home visit) for settlement and a good solution.
Always announce their test scores, and provide opportunities for them to improve their value is less. This will make students feel motivated and wanted to align with his friend's good value.
Take advantage of the times at the beginning of the semester. Because students usually have school spirit at the beginning of school. Tell us your plans for the semester was to ignite their passion to follow your lessons.
In one class there must be some problems / conflicts that arose among the students. Guided class administrators / students who are respected by his friends to try to solve their own problems. It will educate their leadership.
Give appreciation to everything that has been achieved by your students. This will foster self-confidence to continue to do dab their achievement.
Be fair to your students. Note all students, whether naughty, clever, diligent, etc.. Your authority will appear in their eyes when you do not see them next to the eye.
Always connect you with real-world lessons. Give your images a simple reality in their daily lives. A good teacher is experience. Put a real picture of an experience because they are young amak still not much experience.
Do not separate your students into groups based on mere cleverness. Do not create a superior class or special class of those who are smart. This will cause jealousy among them. Students who are less smart would be lost in the same class motivator because no one smarter.
Here are some tips to prepare yourself as a good teacher, loved the students, in respect of students and blessing. Hopefully this can give positive influence to us all.
Qvae: Want to be a Good Teacher?
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