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qvae: 10 secrets of education in Japan

qvae: 10 secrets of education in Japan

10 secrets of education in Japan
qvae this time will learn about 10 things about the secret of education in Japan. as we know if education in Japan is one of the best in the world.
qvae will tell about how the process of education in Japan.
following a secret challenge of education in Japan.

qvae know that education in Japan is very qualified. This is evident from the majority population education work. They grow into beings professional and proven to have an impact on the development of the country's progress in all areas.
10 secrets of education in Japan:

1. New teachings in Japan, starting in April and ends in March next year. This applies at every level (elementary-university)
2. Japan uses a system of four months. Differences with in Indonesia using the semester system. August-3.September summer for 40 days.
In September, entered five times a week.
4. 6 years of age is the age of compulsory education for Japanese children. For those parents who do not send their children to primary and junior will be punished by the government.
5. Japan does not recognize a "no grade". All students will rise to the next level automatically. So that at every level remains occupied by children that age.
6. Japan does not allow the existence of a special class / grade seed or acceleration for those who are smart in a particular class. Japan only allows the smart kids in the Science of Science and Technology are able to enter university sooner.
7. Curriculum in Japan will be updated within 10 years following the development of existing technology.
8. Evaluation not only of teachers to students, but also the students evaluate their teachers for the benefit of better teaching.
10 secrets of education in Japan
9. Japan does not recognize national or international standards for education. Japan does not provide special schools for children who are smart. they perceive that the school is the right of all students in Japan. in Indonesia for example, there are SBI (International standard school) or a school of excellence.
10. Will be a lot of sympathy from the citizens of Japan to the boss or the company who employ children who have delays in thinking, disability and retardation.

What about in Indonesia?, Is not our desire to adopt the success of other countries in preparing their citizens to be citizens of a skilled and qualified to compete in the International as well as Japan?. Ready or not ready is not a barrier, which is important is to start early.
qvae: 10 secrets of education in Japan
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