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a brief history of the prophet Muhammad SAW as the educational leaders of the world

 the prophet Muhammad SAW as the educational leaders of the world

a brief history of the prophet Muhammad SAW as the educational leaders of the world
prophet muhammad as the world's first educational leaders, because he is giving a new color in the life of the world. The following is a brief history of the prophet Muhammad as a character education world, the first one.
This is a brief history of the prophet Muhammad SAW as the educational leaders of the world

Nation of Quraish
Quraishi nation is seen as one of the nation honored and respected among the nations in the Arabian Peninsula. Quraysh itself is divided into various tribes. Bani Hashim is one of the honorable tribe among the tribes there. Qushai bin Kilab was their ancestors who served as guardians of the Kaaba.
In the middle of the citizens of Mecca, known as Hashim noble, wise, and honorable. He helped them, started trade in the winter and summer so they get a decent livelihood. Of his services, the town gave him the nickname "sharif" (master). This epithet hereditary offspring carried by Hashim.
After Hashim, the leadership of the Quraysh was entrusted to his son Muttalib, followed by Abdul Muttalib.
Abdul Muttalib was a man of authority. At the time, Abraha Al-Habasyi invaded Makkah to destroy the Kaaba, but thanks to the help of Allah SWT, Abraha and his elephant army suffered defeat. Year of the raid became known as the Year of the Elephant. And since that event, the name of Abdul Muttalib was more prominent among the Arab tribes.
Abdul Muttalib had several children. Among them, Abdullah was the son of the most pious and most loved. At the age of 24, Abdullah was married to the noble woman named Amina.
Two months after the Year of the Elephant, Aminah gave birth to a child. He gave him the name Muhammad. Before the birth of Muhammad, his father Abdullah died. Shortly after birth, the mother was following her husband's return to the afterlife. Thus, since the beginning of his birth, Muhammad was living his life as an orphan.
After being abandoned by his beloved parents, Muhammad was raised by his grandfather, Abdul Muttalib. Thanks to the grace and mercy of Allah, Muhammad grew into adulthood with the sanctity of life is preserved.
Makkah city residents love him so much, even gave up their belongings under the supervision of Muhammad. On honesty and trust that nature has pointed out, they give him the title "Al-Amin", the people who trusted.
With the provision of faith, Muhammad helping poor people, defend the oppressed people, distributing food to the hungry, listen to their grievances, and try to give solution to the problems they face.
When some young people to raise a movement known as the "Youth Pledge" (Hilful Fudhul), Muhammad was soon joined them, because the movement was in line with the behavior of noble goals.
At one time, Abu Talib, Muhammad's uncle, advised him to go with the trade caravans of Khadija, a wealthy woman and honorable Makkah. Later, Muhammad was appointed to lead the caravan.
During joined the caravan trade, Khadijah watched closely honesty, courage, and virtue Muhammad behavior. Khadijah did not hesitate to propose to her again. Muhammad accepted the proposal. And not long after, they were married.
From the wedding, they had one daughter named Fatima, who was born descendants of holy men.

Hajar Aswad (Black Stone)
Ten years after the wedding, a big flood hit the city of Makkah to destroy most of the building the Kaaba. City residents intend to fix it.
To prevent a fight that will happen, repairs were done by various tribes in the city in mutual cooperation. However, when the repairs have been completed, it was time to put the Black Stone. At that time, each nation has the right to lay claim to the stone.
The war was about to happen. Muhammad suddenly appeared to give a proposal, to take off his robes and put the Black Stone in the middle right, and every chief was holding the edge of the cloak, then bring it together into a place of origin.

First Revelation
The age of 40 years, was appointed as the prophet Muhammad. One day, when he was practicing in the cave of Hira, the Angel Gabriel came to bring the revelation of God and say hello, "Iqra! Read the name of your Lord who created. He has created man from clots of blood. Read the name of your Lord, the sublime. It was he who taught science in a pen. It was he who had taught men to be all that he does not know. "
Since then, Muhammad was chosen to carry God's message as a Messenger of God in the midst of mankind throughout the world.
In the early days of prophethood, the Prophet preached in secret. At that time, only a few people are willing to accept Islam. The first person to recognize Muhammad as the Messenger of Allah is his wife, Khadijah, was followed by his cousin, Ali ibn Abi Talib.
Three years of Islam continues to spread among the poor people of the city of Mecca. After that, Allah commanded the Prophet to preach openly, invite people to worship one God and start a holy war against the pagans.
Missionary task is a task full of risks and dangers. Therefore, the leaders of the tribes have long been dissolved in the enjoyment of the position and make the people as slaves.
They worry that the Messenger of Allah would undermine the mission of their power. In addition, the task of preaching will encounter difficulties in implementation, because the idols that had long been worshiped by them. The Prophet did not know the tolerance. He chose to assume this task for the Oneness of God and uphold the laws of almighty God one on earth.
Previous community respect and courtesy towards the Prophet, now turned to hate and propaganda against him with the treasure. But their efforts failed.
Then, they continued hostility with torturing and looting the treasures owned by the Prophet. However, their efforts did not succeed to put a halt to his holy mission.
The infidels of Mecca was never tired to change the minds of the Prophet. They increase the hostility and drove him and his family and his friends out of Makkah, and then locked him in the fields of Abu Talib to some of those who were with the Apostle in them die of hunger.
They even tightened so that the confinement of the field of food and beverages can not be met by the Prophet and his faithful followers. Some of the residents who participated Prophet risked his life to smuggle food from the city in darkness.

Time passes so quickly. The pagans gave up on the determination and tenacity shown by the Muslims. They decided to kill the Prophet.

To that end, they chose the young Among the strongest men of their families and tribes to provide high wages to anyone who managed to kill him. They set out to ambush the Prophet's residence at night.

Migrated to Medina

Nefarious plans became known to the Messenger of Allah through the Angel Gabriel's revelation as presented. He chose his cousin Ali ibn Abi Talib to replace him on the bed he slept with his life for his safety.
He emigrated from Mecca to Medina in the darkness of night. The idolaters had gathered to kill the Prophet. How surprised they were, when found Ali in bed Prophet. They soon catch him. But the pursuit was a failure. They returned to Mecca empty handed.
After an exhausting journey, the Prophet arrived in Quba, a place near the city of Medina. The villagers welcomed him. With joy he plans to build a place of prayer and preaching tasks set.
Quba mosque run smoothly. Prophet intervened directly in completing construction. After that, he did the Friday prayers and stand as a preacher. This is the first Friday prayers held by him.
Quba the Prophet settled in for some time while delivering the teachings of God. It was there he was waiting for the arrival of Ali had left behind in Makkah to perform and the mandate entrusted to their respective owners. Until Ali came to Quba women with a family of Hashim.
Messenger of Allah entered the town of Yathrib, and since then also the name of the city was turned into a messenger or Madinatur-Madinah Al-Munawarah. The townspeople welcomed him and most of the immigrants that goes along with such a warm and festive. Any resident requesting his race to sit in their homes. To them all, he said, "Give way to my canel. I will be a guest at the front door of the camel is stopped. "
The camel walking through the streets and the city of Medina, until he stopped walking and cross-legged at the door of the house of Abu Ayyub Al-Ansari. In the Prophet's home entertained.
Arriving in Medina, first performed by the Prophet is the construction of the mosque as a center of preaching and teaching. The Prophet also immediately call for peace and brotherhood between the two nations; Aus and Khazraj, who had fought for years waged a result of incitement by the Jews of Medina.
In order to scrape out the roots of the difference between the immigrants who come from Mecca and the Ansar as a native of Medina, the Prophet bring together those one by one, so that the immigrants do not become a burden later on the Ansar and they can live together in harmony and peace .
The Jews of Medina looked at it with the seed of brotherly hatred. They are always trying to ignite the spirit of discord among the Muslims. While the Messenger of Allah put out the fire fighting.

Qibla transition

At first, the Prophet to pray and worship in the direction of Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. It continued for 13 years and 17 months in Mecca, Medina.
The Jews were facing the Al-Aqsa Mosque in prayer, their prayers. Because of this they are always mocked the Muslims, "If we correct the error, then why do you follow our direction."
Until one day, come down revelation to the Prophet ordered the Muslims face the Kaaba Mosque in each of their prayers.
This command is really hitting the Jews. They wonder about the direction of the Muslims since the transition. They do not realize that the transition direction is a test for Muslims themselves, so it can be recognized by anyone who obeys the Messenger of Allah who is opposed.

Prophet of war.

1. Battle of Badr

2. Battle of Uhud

3. Battle of the Trench

4. The battle of Khaibar

5. Mu'tah war

6. Hunain war

7. Tabuk

Haji Wada '(Farewell)

In the 10-year Dzulhijah Hijra, the Prophet announced that it will perform Hajj that year. He advised that anyone who wants to prepare the accompanying immediately.

This news creates excitement and joy among the Muslims. Together with the Holy Prophet, they prepare to welcome his message was. The Prophet pointed to Abu Dujanah as his deputy in Medina. He and other friends rushed to Mecca.
The Prophet started the implementation of the pillars of Hajj in Labaik Dzulhulaifah and chanting. Of Dzulhulaifah, the Prophet departed to Mecca.
After ten days of arriving in Mecca, he entered the Grand Mosque and perform other pillars of Hajj. The next day, he delivered a speech at Mina. He said, "We need the establishment of Islam in government."

Ghadir Khum
On Thursday, 18 Dzulhijah, the Prophet came near field Juhfah. At that time, the angel Gabriel delivered the revelation of God that should he have to say. The Prophet gathered his companions by saying that he would announce a very important message.

Hundreds of pilgrims gathered on the implementation of the speech the Prophet. Their ears are well placed to listen to the messages to be delivered to him, "Praise and worship to Allah the Almighty. Only we ask Him for help and faith, He places the foundation of human intent. I (Muhammad peace be upon him) testified that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is His servant and messenger.

"O Muslims! I leave you all and I left two wills that precious to you, namely the Qur'an and Ahlulbaitku. Both can not be separated from each other until you meet me at the lake Kautsar (on the Day of Judgement). Therefore, keep them and do not you leave. If you leave a will, then you will perish. "

Then he took Ali's hand and held it up as he said, "He who makes me as a leader, then Ali is your leader after me. Ya Allah! love those who love Ali and hostile people are hostile to Ali. Help those who help Ali and destroy those who destroy Ali. "

Death of the Prophet
After an exhausting journey, the Holy Prophet fell ill. A group of people take advantage of the situation, and false prophets also appear. After the Prophet heard this, he ordered them to fight them.

One day, the Prophet is in terrible condition assisted by Ali bin Abi Talib to make pilgrimages to the grave of his friends who had died in the Baqi cemetery '. After that, he asked Imam Ali to bring them home.

Day after day passed, the Holy Prophet grew seriously ill and worse, until it's perfect man breathed their last in the lap of Ali. Holy man has returned to a loving boyfriend on Monday 28 Shafar years-11 H. He causes the death of the Islamic world in mourning and grieving.

a brief history of the prophet Muhammad SAW as the educational leaders of the world
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