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Diverse Religious Tourism in India

Diverse Religious Tourism in India

Diverse Religious Tourism in India
India save a million amazing sights. Starting from the natural attractions of the mountains and countryside, picturesque tourist towns, and not less interesting objects of religious tourism.

Religious resort town visited by many tourists, maybe is Lumbini, birthplace of Gautama Buddha. For Buddhists, Lumbini be one place that you should not miss during a visit to India. The reason, according to the historical Buddha Gautama was born into the royal family in 556 BC in Lumbini, Nepal borders India to the country.

Diverse Religious Tourism in India
It is said that Gautama Buddha's birth was followed by the emergence of signs such as the growth of the tree. By King Ashoka, the ruler of the Buddhist period, built a stupa and a pillar to commemorate the Buddha Gautama. Construction of King Ashoka stupa made after visiting the birthplace of Buddha's two centuries later. Although the current state of the stupa in ruins, but not discourage tourists to remember.

Another place that is not less interesting is the Bodhgaya. That said, this is where Gautama Buddha reach perfection after doing penance under a Bodhi tree at the age of 29 years. In this city there is also the Mahabodhi Temple was built in the 3rd century by Emperor Ashoka. Some had said the temple was built between the 5th century and the 7th.

Diverse Religious Tourism in India
Further to Samath, India Ganges River valley, where the Buddha taught the faith and aspects of Buddhism. Another shrine is visited by many Shravasti. In this city the great Buddha performed miracles. Other important cities Sankashaya. According to Buddhist belief, Gautama Buddha believed descended from the Tushita heaven. The city is the only Buddhist pilgrimage site that does not have a temple or monastery.

Nalanda also become an important pilgrimage site. Not because it is blessed with the presence of the Buddha, but because of the university's famous monastery, Rajgir also has its own charm, the Buddha had to come and teach.
Diverse Religious Tourism in India

Important events of the coming of Buddhism to Rajgir is currently Buddha bequeathed two disciples, Sariputra and Maudgalyayana. That said, Sariputra was awarded the extraordinary intelligence. While Maudgalyayana power to perform miracles. Kushinagar is also the center of attention, especially Buddhist tourists who visit India. Because, this is where Gautama Buddha achieved great contemplation.

Diverse Religious Tourism in India


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