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Reveals the Sex Tourism in Thailand: Unique Tourist

Reveals the Sex Tourism in Thailand

Reveals the Sex Tourism in Thailand
Four Billion Revenue Thailand supported the Sex Industry "and the rise of the sex industry in Thailand is the fruit of the nature of poverty and ecological damage due to the difficulty of access due to the centralization of economic development.

It's Thailand policy for economic development have focused on tourism (Tourism), because tourism is a major industry that generates billions of dollars.

One of the services in this industry are commercial sex. However, due to the slowing economic climate, the number of tourists who visit Thailand or looking for commercial sex workers has declined. Women must have the Comforter-{WP / term for Prostitutes} there selling cheap again.

Before we further said on Sex Tourism in Thailand, it helps us to know first hand the land transportation to the white elephant.

Thailand has an international airport in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Phuket, Hat Yai, and U-Tapao (Pattaya). You just select a travel package that offers many flights tickets at attractive prices, for example, from the Jakarta-Singapore-Thailand, or Jakarta - Kuala Lumpur - Thailand.

You can ask a travel agent or airline about the packages available.
If the problem is the flight to Thailand from Indonesia: There are many options such as:

* Thai Airways
* Garuda Indonesia
* Singapore Airlines
* Kuwait Airlines
* Royal Brunei
* Malaysia Airlines
* Valuair / Jetstar
* Air Asia
* Silk Air

On the plane we await departure to Thailand is known by the nickname "entertainment" in Thai (sex no.1) South Pattaya said many interesting sights. Our watches shows at 14.00 and according to the experience of hell will arrive about 45 minutes at Phuket International Airport. And correct our estimates. Can not wait After landing, we got off the plane and immediately faced the same whole different language.

Hotel Booking

Our first step is to find a hotel after arriving. We directly docked on a hotel agents are widely available in the airport. According to the instructions of the elders we chose to stay in the area of ​​Patong Beach (Kalo in Bali, the Kuta Beach area like it so), rather Bel Aire Resort we are booking two nights about 800 Baht Baht.1 was about 300 yen.

After get a place to stay, we are way out. To go to the Patong Beach, we decided to ride Taxi Meter. Unfortunately the taxi fleet queues and less tolerable. We were forced to sit on the patio while waiting for a taxi coming. The fee was 420 baht from the airport to Patong Beach.

Patong Beach Area

Berallau 20 minute taxi came. Our eyes looked at the weather today which says the driver already 3 days overcast and rain continues to patter. We are spirit despite cloudy weather. But we're still excited. Our spirit got into a taxi and the taxi took off the streets of Phuket splitting. Phuket is hilly

In Thailand is actually not much different as Indonesia. This trip reminded us of the time from Gilimanuk to Denpasar. Only the difference here through some typical Thai temple. Taxi up the hill again, and winding a bit high, but in the end, like enlightenment, we can see the expanse of the building and the BEACH. Finally ... after an hour's drive we arrived in the area of ​​Patong Beach!

Area of ​​Patong Beach - Thailand

arrived at Andaman Resort Check in and fancies can simply break. Turns out we have to fight Up Stairs. In this hotel because there was no elevator and I had to climb into the room with my backpack on the floor 3.

Soi Sansabai across the street where we stayed, there are Thai Boxing buildings that attract attention because of the color pink. Every few minutes, a truck carrying boxer boxer Kick-Boxing's bare chest, while going through the fuss announced the match schedule. Thai Boxing in the next building, there is a big street named Bang La Road. In our perception, that's the place.

There really sparkling We so want to see up close what there is. Do not feel fatigue after seeing it ... wow richly If Thailand is synonymous with sex tourism, in Bang La Road, all the impossible things we see in Jakarta (or anywhere else in the world), is clearly visible.

Open bars show the women dancing on a table to invite. Not to mention the temptation of the she-male transvestite aka the average at the very beautiful (much prettier than me deh anyway :)). Then the girls here pake shirt no one more than the material one meter or less material. Liquor and a woman's body here becomes a natural thing really.

The next day the search was started I and my friends are in the middle of the road in Patong affluent. There are hundreds of tourists passing by, and many people are drinking beer. In addition there are some women, couples, locals Thailand and many foreigners, some of which the road with a Thai woman.

At night we rushed to the largest beach resort in Phuket. Hundreds lined up at this beach bar. In every bar that dozens of sex workers wait while engrossed in listening to music frenetic style of Thailand who is also heard in Patong.

Just call His name "Melina" because the name originally difficult for us to say :)

We see Melina, call it so, one of the commercial sex workers in Patong. He was wearing a very short blue dress and high heels.

Previously we saw her trying to persuade passing tourists who come in and have a drink with him at the bar. He was aggressive because their income depends on how many customers he can serve.

Its rate depends on Short Time (ST) or Long Time (LT). If LT 1000 baht or about 350 thousand rupiah. That's a very low price than in other countries, while ST 500 Bath about 150 thousand. Cheap khan Bro. compare the same aja Indonesia. WP About a 20 year old here and already include merit. There is a widow n he still had a husband. Even her husband also became an agent for her.

WP / Women Entertainers in this area are the backbone of families and their children. Usually already have a husband because her husband does not have a job, or are being migrated to work in another country. So these women have to care for their babies. They will do whatever it takes to care for their saudara2, parents or their sick children. For sex workers, not easy to do anything to survive. Glimpse of her sad story to hear it? So ya not bear to give 300 thousand LT, ... :)
Reveals the Sex Tourism in Thailand

Reveals the Sex Tourism in Thailand

Reveals the Sex Tourism in Thailand

Reveals the Sex Tourism in Thailand
Reveals the Sex Tourism in Thailand: Unique Tourist

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