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Know the educational system in Thailand

Know the educational system in Thailand
the educational system in Thailand
The education system in Thailand is divided into three, namely: formal education, non-formal education and formal education system informal.Untuk education consists of basic education and higher education. while the non-formal education system consists of: vocational certificate programs, short course programs of vocational schools and interest group program.
Know the educational system in Thailand: Compulsory education in Thailand
Compulsory education in Thailand over 12 years of compulsory education emphasizing means that the school age is a concern to the Thai government, with details of the grade as follows:

Educational play group and kindergarten ages 3-6 years
Primary education (6 years), grade 1-6
School education (3 years), grade 7-9
Upper secondary school education (3 years), grade 10-12
For grade 7-12 school in a single component, they do not have to register again, it automatically continues at school.
Know the educational system in Thailand: National Examination (NE) in Thailand
National Examination (NE) in Thailand is coordinated by Bureu of Education Testing Office of Basic Education Commission taking Ordinary National Education Test System (O-net). In the compulsory examination for grade 3, 6, 9 and 12. There were 8 subjects in the right-UN:

Social sciences
Religion and Culture
Foreign language
Health and Physical Education
Art, Career and Technology
While students from grade 1,2,4,5,7,8,10 and 11, the examination grade of each school is referred from the Office of Academic affairs, Ministry of Education Thailand, simultaneously.
Know the educational system in Thailand: key to successful education in Thailand
the educational system in Thailand
Five key to successful education in Thailand, which is always based on science and technology so that all products produced based on a study or research. The result, if the agricultural produce truly superior, then it is not surprising that there is cashew chicken or Bangkok, meaning that the resulting product is really good quality.

The successes achieved as well as profit, which means that every activity should provide a profit, so a lot of prostitution that is packaged in the tourism industry. "This is not to be imitated by the Indonesian people, because to earn income or profit / benefit greatly justifies any means,". Because most of the areas in many developing Thailand's tourism industry. Residents in Bangkok are fewer tourists than there are in the city. This is the way it is always a surplus of revenues.

the educational system in Thailand
The key is to support other educational value and maintain the cultural values, so that Thailand became a net, rule of law and discipline, and always adhered to the ideology that exists and grows in Thailand. King as the representative of God, so strong and its position in the hearts of his people, and this is what can turn the living values ​​can flourish among school students in Thailand, which makes it a more vibrant life. While all political matters submitted to the prime minister.

Education system of a country's progress and quality but requires a very panjang.dan long process, especially in the disciplining of teachers and students, a teacher of teachers in Thailand article actually focuses its work into a full-time job.
Know the educational system in Thailand
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