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The secret development of Iran shook the world

The secret development of Iran shook the world
The secret development of Iran
Since the early days of the victory of Islamic Revolution, the issue of economic independence has always been a major concern. Because, in the pre-revolution era, due to the Pahlavi regime politically fatal mistake, causing Iran is highly dependent with the West, particularly the U.S.. In contrast, after the victory of Islamic Revolution, Western countries try to press and threaten the Islamic Republic of Iran in various ways, including by implementing the economic embargo.

Therefore, Iran was trying to achieve self-sufficiency in agriculture and industry. This effort continued even though in Iran while undergoing difficult times of war imposed by the regime Ba'ats, Iraq for eight years. Not even this tireless efforts, finally paid the plume. Iran managed to achieve self-sufficiency in wheat, a strategic agricultural commodities. Since last year, Iran and even able to export wheat products to several countries. Similarly, in a variety of other agricultural commodities. Iran also managed to achieve progress in implementing the agricultural mechanization program.
One of the adverse effects of the economic system inherited from the Pahlavi regime and remains influential to this day Iran is dependent on oil revenues. This problem makes the structure of a fragile economy, but with great effort the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the dependence on oil revenues were slowly beginning to be restricted. For example, in the year 2007-2008, the composition of the oil revenues in Iran's state budget is less than 50 percent. In contrast, in recent years the income of non-oil sectors rising significantly. Based on the number of data, income Iran in non-oil sector in 2006 increased 47 percent, or about 16 billion USD. These enhancements make Iran's economic situation relative to survive despite world oil prices have fluctuated.
On the other hand, to make optimum use of oil reserves, Iran is trying to increase the production of commodity petrochemicals and other oil refined to make it more useful and valuable. So that in the period 2007-2008, Iran's petrochemical production increased by more than 30 million tons. The plan is three years, production in this sector will be increased to 58 million tons.

One of Iran's industrial production is successfully exported in recent years is the automotive products. Iran to export passenger vehicles and goods to various countries such as Syria, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, and Venezuela. Iran is also building a car factory to establish cooperation with a number of countries. In 2006, Iran export the more than 30 thousand vehicles worth 350 million USD. Development in infrastructure, such as construction of roads, railways, bridges, toll roads in the city, and the underground train (subway) is the most noticeable development step after the revolution.
The secret development of Iran
Another post-economic progress of Iran's Islamic Revolution is the increased foreign investment, while Iran is still under pressure of U.S. economic sanctions. Last year, foreign investment in the petroleum sector, which is one of the area's most feared by the United States, have increased about 9 percent. So also in the field of gas, the exploration, production, and exports in this field has increased significantly. In February, the Iran oil minister reported the discovery of new gas fields with gas reserves of 11 trillion cubic feet. Iran is the country's second-largest owner of gas reserves in the world, after Russia. Moreover, Tehran has also established cooperation in various fields of gas contracts with other countries. For example, recently Iran and Austria signed a gas export contracts worth 50 billion USD and gas production cooperation with Malaysia worth 16 billion USD.
One of the main slogans of the Islamic Revolution of Iran is to improve the standard of living, especially among the lower middle and social justice. Therefore, the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran tried hard to improve the living standard of low-income communities. Especially in the era of the leadership of President Ahmadinejad, who is more focused to realize the vision of justice that are voiced by the Islamic Revolution. Program of President Ahmadinejad's visit to the area along with his cabinet government is a serious attempt to directly touch people's problems in various areas so that action can be pursued more quickly to address local issues. During the first two years of his tenure, President Ahmadinejad managed to visit 30 provinces. Now, in the second half of the kepemiminannya, he was carrying out a series of safari back to different regions to analyze and follow up the previous policy.
Still in the development of social justice, Ahmadinejad also issued a Government program division 'equity shares'. Through this program, shares of state enterprises were distributed to low-income community, while the profits will be returned to them.
Despite the post-revolution Iran, facing a variety of pressure and embargo, but the scientists and technicians do not ever give up Iran's military to advance the country's defense forces. Not surprisingly, Iran has managed to achieve success is unprecedented in modern weaponry. RII armed forces, this time managed to create and develop various forms of rockets, such as surface-to-ground rockets, land to sea, and ground into the air. Similarly, in the manufacture of helicopters and jet fighters, Iran scientists have managed to achieve an interesting progress in this field. A number of high-tech combat aircraft well diversified with no crew or standard, successfully made by Iran.
Iran military army also managed to make another modern warfare equipment such as tanks, armored cars, cannons, and various forms of personal weapons. Similarly, in the sea forces, the power of the sea defenses Iran has managed to carve brilliant achievement. Such as the manufacture of various types of warships and military speedboats and a variety of other important weapons. In the field of electronic military equipment, Iran has managed to make a new breakthrough in this field. No wonder if Iran has expressed readiness to Playing the threat of electronic warfare.
Iran's astonishing progress in the field of military industry to make some countries more interested in cooperating with Iran. Currently, Iran has exported military industrial products to 57 countries.
Iran's Islamic Revolution has given the gift, a blessing and success that is so valuable to the people of Iran. This revolution has been rewarded the noble values ​​such as demands for independence, the rise of science and technology, and independence. It is these values ​​that encourage the Iran to continue to fight cut dependence on the economic, political, and foreign cultural and economic justice and the advancement of science and technology.
Islam always stressed the need to seek knowledge. There are many verses of the Quran and the Hadith of the Prophet who invited the Muslims to seek knowledge wherever and whenever. This invitation is addressed seriously by the government and people of Iran. In the early stages, the Government Islamic Republic of Iran tried to open the maximum opportunity for all people to be a formal education, from primary to college level. Article 30 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran stated, "Government is obliged to provide free education and learning for all people until the end of the level of secondary education and higher education are free to develop to their best anyway."
Since the beginning of the Islamic Revolution, the Iran government has declared war on illiteracy program. Related to this, the Founding Fathers of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini commissioned the creation of the Resurrection Literacy Institute. Continuous efforts and tireless work of this agency to drastically reduce illiteracy rates. Before the Islamic Revolution, Iran's literacy rate reached 50 percent, but after the Revolution this figure had reduced to 10 percent. Brilliant achievements of this Institute for Literacy Awakening many times and even won praise and awards from international institutions, including UNESCO.
On the other hand, in recent years, education in Iran continued to progress and rapid growth both in quality and quantity. Every year, there were many schools built in the various regions in Iran. Government and education prakstisi also kept trying to adjust the curriculum and methods of education with various new findings in science.
Iran world's universities are also experiencing rapid growth and progress of post-Islamic Revolution. Although the figures in Iran's interest in higher education continues to rise sharply, but so, now the seat capacity in higher education has reached over one million 200 thousand seats. Another interesting phenomenon in the world Iran is a campus of more than 60 percent of Iran students are women. This fact is one of the effects of government efforts to promote the role of women.
In recent years, the number of scientific papers that Iran scientists have been published by various magazines and media world-renowned scientific increased. Success in this area is one indicator of the progress of science in every country. Ironically, although the Western media claim to be scientifically objective, but some still refuse to release the scientific papers Iran scientists.
After the Islamic Revolution, science and technology experts in Iran managed to achieve rapid progress, even considered as a scientific leap. Nano technology as one of the four most prestigious and complex technologies in the world, has for years been the focus of attention and research scientists Iran. This technology could even improve the molecules and cells of the body are damaged. Nano technology commonly used for medical purposes, agriculture, industry, etc.. Until now, Iran is classified as a developed country in the field of nano technology and succeeded in producing a number of commodities with the help of nano technology.
One of the other successes of Iran in the field of science and technology is brilliant achievements in the field of stem cell or stem cells. For years, Iran scientists have developed a stem cell technology for the treatment and other medical purposes. Stem cells are capable of producing a variety of human cell types, therefore, these cells have a very vital role. Iran scientists have also successfully used stem cell technology to cure a variety of acute illnesses during this difficult to treat. Such as healing the blind and a variety of diseases other cases. But the most memorable achievements in this field is the success of Iran scientists have cloned a goat by using stem cells. This achievement is a testament to the progress of Iran in the fields of medicine, especially in stem cell reproduction.
Ruyan Research Center is a research institute that has developed technology of stem cell or stem cell in Iran. CNN television in his report on Iran's progress in this technology said, "Ruyan Research Center is one of the fetal stem cell research centers in Iran. In this institution, rapidly developing science. " CNN is also added in his report, one of the causes of the progress of Iran in the field of science and technology is that the leaders of this country wants science.
One of Iran's success in other areas of medicine is a drug manufacturing IMOD. This drug works to improve the functioning of the body's resilience in the face of the AIDS virus. Efficacy of this drug has even been recognized by the medical authorities of the world. On 3 February, Iran's pharmaceutical experts also managed to issue a new drug Angi Pars, this drug works to heal the wounds of diabetes or diabetes, so that it can prevent the amputation. So also in other fields of medicine, medical scientists Iran managed to make new breakthroughs in the methods of operation, such as brain and nerve surgery, heart, and eyes. Currently, in the Middle East, Islamic Republic of Iran be regarded as the most advanced countries in the field of medicine.
Iran turned out to save the amazing achievement in the nuclear field. However, behind the polemic which deliberately disseminated by the West to oppose Iran's progress in this field, Though Iran is under pressure and the embargo, but the country still managed to achieve brilliant achievements in nuclear technology. So far, Western countries, particularly the U.S. used to make nuclear bombs of mass destruction, because they also think that Iran use nuclear technology for military purposes. In fact, this technology can be harnessed for positive purposes, such as a source of electrical energy. For this reason, Iran developing nuclear technology. This step is done to make nuclear as an alternative energy source. In addition to be utilized for power generation, nuclear technology can also be used for medical purposes, and genetic engineering in agriculture and animal husbandry.
To get rid of suspicions the West against Iran's civilian nuclear program, Tehran's top officials have repeatedly held a dialogue with Western countries and transparent cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Last year, President Ahmadinejad announced that Iran officially the Islamic Republic has entered a phase of industrialization of the production of nuclear fuel. This effort is one of Iran's real determination to achieve self-sufficiency in the nuclear field.
More recently, the 4th of February, Iran has managed to carve a new achievement in the field of space technology. The development launch of the space station and the satellite carrier Safir rocket launch is the latest success of Iran in this field. The whole success of such a blessing and the fruit of the victory of Islamic Revolution achievements of faith, effort, unity of the Iran people and leadership wise leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran. Let's learn from Iran.
Iran Islamic Revolution has given the gift, a blessing and success that is so valuable to the people of Iran. This revolution has been rewarded the noble values ​​such as demands for independence, the rise of science and technology, and independence. It is these values ​​that encourage the Iran to continue to fight cut dependence on the economic, political, and foreign cultural and economic justice and the advancement of science and technology.
The secret development of Iran shook the world
The secret development of Iran shook the world

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The secret development of Iran shook the world


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