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The Best Place To Calm the soul: Unique Tourist

The Best Place To Calm the soul
The Best Place To Calm the soul

There are times when the routines in the workplace makes us really want to unwind and tired for a while in a place that can be soothing.
Immerse themselves for a moment to breathe in fresh air without any contamination of carbon monoxide and for a moment to enjoy a few days with no contact with the affairs of the job is certainly a delusion.
If it can be time, follows 10 where it can be your choice to relax the body and soul.

1) Climb in the mountains of Kashmir, India and Reach Amarnath Cave is the The Best Place To Calm the soul
The journey tracing the mountains of Kashmir in India may provide a vacation experience you will never forget.
The view from the mountains alone can make your tired eyes glued to the screen the usual PC because lapangnya area relaxation the soothing green of the mountain foot height.
The Best Place To Calm the soul
He cried again, the hiking trail in the mountains of Kashmir is classified as very vertical, so it takes extra effort to continue to enjoy the recreational climbing.
That said, it's easy or not you get to the Amarnath Cave solidarity and depending on how good you are.
Hiking the mountains of Kashmir could be more memorable when you come in when it coincides with the ritual pilgrimage every year Hindus of India (if the political situation is safe).
Thousands of people walked up the mountains of Kashmir to get to the Amarnath Cave with the goal of pilgrimage and saw Shiva Lingam, a testament to the wonders of God's phallic-shaped stalagmites formed by ice. According to legend, Shiva came to the Amarnath cave to share the secret of immortality with his wife Parvati.

2) Meditation in Bali, Indonesia is the The Best Place To Calm the soul
The Best Place To Calm the soul
Apart from the hustle and bustle of the tourists in every corner of Bali, but the sanctity of the island of Bali and the power of magical energy there is still a magnet spiritual seekers.
With the quality of its natural charm, Bali was the ideal place to do yoga and meditation.
On each morning in Bali you can enjoy the warmth of the sun while meditating, exploring every posture in yoga to develop the flexibility of self, which can make you so relaxed, refreshed, and increased confidence to start the next day better with greater internal calm.
You can also try another exciting experience to visit the Bat Cave temple. According to myth, in the cave there is a giant snake, Naga Basuki.
Do not forget to get a massage treatment, try a cooking class, to the sacred waters and walk in the countryside. You will return to the mind and body fresh and fit.

3) Fasting and partying in the Sinai Desert, Egypt is the The Best Place To Calm the soul
The Best Place To Calm the soul
For those of you who are desperate to distance themselves from the crowd, and get peace in order to obtain the complete inner and outer peace. You can try to travel to the Sinai Desert, in Egypt.
There you will get the tourist experience of body and soul. Desert plains that spread out so widely to remind you how the greatness of God.
You will gain experience as a traveler in the desert, which goes a long travel to find something blessing. In this case, you will get a chance "clean up" the mind and heart while enjoying the scenery that you will never get in everyday life.
During the trip you will probably will have empty stomachs like fasting, (hence prepare adequate provision) but in addition, if you really enjoy the trip, empty stomach can be forgotten when your body would feast on the existing landscape; mountain breeze or even the night sky filled with constellations.

4) Detoxification and Enjoy Ayahuasca in rural Sussex, England is the The Best Place To Calm the soul
Another place that may be the right choice for you who need the peace of the rural Sussex in the south-east England.
Sussex is a historic rural area of ​​England. Rural Sussex is divided into two regions of eastern Sussex and West Sussex. However, the overall areas in Sussex has a panorama panorama-capable of "cleaning up" the eye and soothe the mind.
The Best Place To Calm the soul
Sussex is the most unique signature drink, called Ayahuasca, a traditional beverage Sussex community as a potentially powerful cure. This drink is made from grapes and leaves of the plant Ayahuasca Chacruna collected from the forests of the Amazon, yag Sussex is at the center of this region. These drinks can serve as a reliever toxins in the body.
In addition, a more interesting again, in the Sussex area we can visit a physician known as the Rain Queen Mother. He can give personal healing in Wellbeing and Ceremonial Sanctuary in the UK.
He believed that Ayahuasca can provide a higher emotional intelligence and more to foster a connection with nature.
All of it was not for the faint of heart, but for the originator of the idea that transformative.

5) Searching for Saint James in Spain is the The Best Place To Calm the soul
The Best Place To Calm the soul
Saint James is a track to make the climb to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Spain.
Saint James is also a route known as the Camino has been traversed for thousands of years by the pilgrims who want to find the atmosphere in thousands of years ago are very different from this life in order to meet spiritual needs.
Some people say The Camino is located directly under the Milky Way.
The Camino was also once made a film titled "The Way" and an inspiration in a book by Shirley MacLaine called "The Way" which tells about the mystical experience. Panorama of mountains and hills that intersect directly with the coastline, fishermen houses are simply a beautiful sight that was presented at the Camino.

6) Assemble with the Sufi poet Hafez in Shiraz, Iran is the The Best Place To Calm the soul
The Best Place To Calm the soul
The city of Shiraz is the best resort in the 14th century Sufi poet Hafez for.
A warm, quiet and polite contained in the city gives the impression for you to find inner peace and coolness.
For you are Muslim, is the best place when you took time to worship in a beautiful Musalla because when surrounded by flower gardens in the evening sun. In Musalla there is also a feed of the Sufi Hafez.
Which would you find a lot there are a bunch of readers of divine revelations. Not only will you find spiritual sustenance in his words, but you will be heartened by the warmth of romance fellow.
If interested, travel expenses for 16 days in Shiraz USD3.986 or approximately Rp34 million.

7) Drinking Water Conditioners at Foot of Mount Cornwell, England is the The Best Place To Calm the soul
The Best Place To Calm the soul
Boredom, fatigue, night, guaranteed to go away when you walked away at the foot of Mount Cornwell, England.
The swift rush of waterfalls that spill from an altitude of 1,600 meter mountain peak of the cliff edge could wash away fatigue.
Flowing waterfall is also drinkable immediately. Even supposedly water from the waterfall at the foot of the mountain Cornwell is efficacious cure the disease.
Many tourists from around the world who had come to this place for a bath and soak while doing meditation for physical and emotional rileksasi.

 8) Staying at Mount Koyasan Buddhist Temple in Japan is the The Best Place To Calm the soul
Mount of Koyasan Shingon Buddhism is the spiritual heart of the Esoteric, the branch of the ancient religion.
The Best Place To Calm the soul
It's also an ideal place to stay at the inn temple, if you're looking to explore the nuances of living like a monk.
Or if you just want to soak up the fresh air of calm and peace, in this place you will get all of it.
Rengejoin stop in Temple, sleeping in the wood-paneled rooms shear, wake up at dawn to join the monks in meditation, breakfast at Shojin Ryori and the monks eat vegetarian dishes, are things that can make you forget for a moment in the daily hubbub of life .
Interested? If yes, according to, you need to prepare $ 4, 3 million for the package tour for two weeks in Japan and tourist sensation "a monk" in there.

9) Visit a forecaster Sakti in Mongolia is the The Best Place To Calm the soul
The Best Place To Calm the soul
If it really is like experiencing a new atmosphere of adventure and want to let themselves into corners of the world to study antiquity antiquity, in various places on earth.
Taiga forest area, in Mongolia could be a fun place to experience an unusual tour. In the Taiga, you'll find interest Tsaatan Teepee. They are a group of reindeer herders communities whose lives were to move where (nomads).
Discuss matters concerning the spiritual, tribal shaman who rely Tsaatan communicate with spirits, ancestors or nature, to seek advice or treatment.
Tourism agenda there: join the expedition rode into the taiga, through the journey through the valleys, the mountains around the lake, and the peak travel, visiting the home of a local shaman.
You'll see them in the "work" it, learn about their capabilities and practices, if you're lucky, you may chance to participate in the ritual itself.
According, the cost of traveling there for 15 days starting from the price of USD3.680.

10) Explore the Holy Temple in Temple-Khajurao, India is the The Best Place To Calm the soul
The Best Place To Calm the soul
Want to try to feel what life in the 10th century or the 11th? Chestnut that there is no need to centrifuge time, you will get back to the life experiences of hundreds of years ago in the temple of Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, northern India.
The temple is filled with erotic carvings but very beautiful. Now therefore, the temple is pointed out as the origin of the creation science of Kama Sutra.
The drawings are described that they were celebrating love and give insight into the ancient practice of Tantra, more than just sex, but rather a 'route' to the ancient enlightenment, which also took place in the holy city of Varanasi and the holy river Ganges. offer trips around the sacred temples of Khajuraho temple in India like this, for 15 days at a price of USD1.203
Thus 10 is also referenced BBCGO place for you who want a new atmosphere in order to refresh the brain, mind and mood. Happy traveling!

The Best Place To Calm the soul
The Best Place To Calm the soul: Unique Tourist


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