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Child Psychology and Child Development

Child Psychology and Child Development
Child Psychology and Child Development 
child Development in the book by Elizabeth B Hurlock in 1978, research on  child initially focused on specific areas of child's behavior, such as speech, emotion or interest in playing, and activities. The name given to a new branch of psychology is the psychology of childchild psychology suggests that focused attention on the psychological phenomenon of preschool and school age  child .
Then, it is known that explore different areas of child's behavior at various stages of age is not enough. It will not add to our understanding of how the discussion of the behavioral characteristics of child in line with growth and change whatever is causing it.

Until then "child psychology" to change and evolve into " child development", this is to emphasize that the center of attention is now focused on patterns of child development at a particular developmental aspects.
Different from child development psychology of child because of four things:
First, the psychology of the child is more focused on the content or the development of the child's development while the process of doing so. For example, although both are studying the issue to speak, the more emphasis on child psychology child's vocabulary and what yan said. While child development emphasis is on how a child learns to talk, and the conditions that cause variation in this pattern.
Second, child development emphasize the role of environment and experience rather than child psychology. Of course this does not mean that child psychology ignore the role of environment and experience, but it is much less emphasis than those conducted by developmental psychologists.
Third, the psychology of child have one primary goal is to learn different areas of the child's behavior, while the development of the child has six objectives, namely to find what are the characteristics of the age changes in appearance, behavior, interests, and goals of a developmental period to another period. To find out when these changes occur. To find in any condition of this change. To discover how these changes affect child's behavior. To find these changes can be foreseen or not. And the last to discover whether these changes in its individual or the same for all child.
Fourth, instead of an emphasis on preschool and school age child, who conducted the initial research of child psychologists, child development psychologists have expanded the field of study in both directions, from newborns to child age of puberty. Because of reports of medical research has emphasized the influence of the prenatal environment that persist in a child, the child's development is now back up to the moment of conception.
The shift in interests and goals of this means that it takes a lot more research. Psychology of child development is a much wider field than the psychology of child, resulting in a more comprehensive review of developments and complex in terms of child study.

Child Psychology and Child Development

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