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To Success By Making Dreams Come True

Education in the Family

Education in the family is the responsibility of the parents, the mother role more. Because I usually go to work and less at home, the mother and child relationship is more prominent. Although the role of father is also very important, especially as role models and providing gaidance. If the child is approaching adulthood father role as advisor is also important, because it can provide different aspects of a given mother. Thus father and son relationship is time limited, especially on weekdays, then the father should try to get the day off to give more time to be with children.

If family income is dependent on an inadequate income for the father of family life can lead to problems of education are not small. There are different opinions about education in the family, that of giving freedom to the child. Some argue that since the beginning should be given maximum freedom to the child. In this case the factor of education to the child before the child is over mature. In fact proven that families who apply family education can result in individuals who become good children. Education in the family can provide a major influence on the character of children. Therefore the key to making a good children's personalities are mainly located in the education of the family.

And character grown is a very important factor in the child's personality, because it affects a lot of achievements in various fields. Science and engineering capabilities are crucial to achieving success, but will not be able to achieve maximum results if not accompanied by character. This is mainly because the characters this time factor is less a concern in education. It all has to be one of the important business of education, both in family education, school education and education in the community. However, because the child's education at the first start in education in the family, the education in the family should provide a basis which is then amplified and completed in school education and education in the community.

Finally it depends on the parents themselves whether the guidelines were implemented or not. However, because the natural parents want their children to become good and successful, then many parents will likely seek to apply these guidelines in their lives.


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