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Qvae: Tips to speed read

Qvae: Tips to speed read

In college, reading is a job that inevitably, like it or not, ready not ready to be done. So many students have read so many students who feel overwhelmed finish. Want to know the solution? Please read on this article.

Qvae: Tips to speed read
Why students should read a lot?
Because the students get into college is to seek the knowledge, skills and experience. They are even willing to pay quite a lot to get those two things. Since most of the existing knowledge in a book or an article or paper, then, to acquire knowledge, the student must read. The problem is, in today's information age, there is so much information that needs to be read. Lecturers are now giving a lot of reading material and mixed. How do we read all that information and still have time to enjoy life?

Due to the time of day it is still 24 hours, if we multiply the time to read, we will have to reduce the time to enjoy life. And vice versa. Therefore, there is no other way except to accelerate the way we read, in a short time, we gain much knowledge. The term cool, reading efficiently.
But, of course we do not want to read faster, but still do not understand the content of what we read. Our goal is not just finish the book, but understand its contents. Here are some techniques we can use to speed up the way we read without losing the understanding of its contents. Fancy term 'speed reading'.
Skim. Skim is the English word which means (in this context) to read quickly and deeply. This is usually done before reading the material carefully. The goal is to obtain a picture of the line besa and principal matters discussed in the literature. Usually means scanning is done by reading the table of contents, read the title and sub-headings in each chapter, and read the first sentence in each paragraph and teakhir before reading the main text. Thus, in a short time you can find the content of reading material in general ..
Set priorities. Another way to speed reading is to set priorities on the reading material. When skim (skim), where the material that you set the most important, important, less important, is not important so that, when you read the material again, you can concentrate on things that are most critical and important and not spend time reading things that are less important. Read at a glance and even then you have to ignore things that you consider unimportant or irrelevant.
Do not read while lying in bed. You'll be fast asleep and your reading is not effective (except if it is not essential reading material and you really want to just how sleepy). Read a serious book while sitting.
Read in the morning when your body still feels fresh. This will increase the concentration to read and you will more quickly understand what you read.
Suppose the title and sub-headings in the literature as the questions you need answered. Change the title or sub-title is a sentence Tanya and find out the answer in the text under the heading or sub-title. This will make you more focused and mempeecepat how to read you.
There are people who say that the mark reading may slow your reading speed. You need time to choose which ones need to be characterized and also the time to mark it. If the material is not material to test certain of the parts you need to remember, you really should not have to mark the text. Tagging do when you learn the material needed for an exam or writing purposes.
Conclusion: Reading quickly would be required in this information age. So much good information that we need to know and, if we could read faster, we will gain more knowledge.

Qvae: Tips to speed read


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