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Qvae: How To Overcome And Cause Discharge in Women

Qvae:  How To Overcome And Cause Discharge in Women
Vaginal discharge in women
Vaginal discharge in women is basically very disturbing activity if the person experiencing it.

 How To Overcome And Cause Discharge in Women
The cause of vaginal discharge is a kind of slim out too much, it's white flour like sago or rather thick and slightly yellowish. Slim is not a lot of mucus that is not problematic, but when it's over and spread the odor. The cause is inflammation and infection of the female genitals.

Lots of things - things that can cause pathological vaginal discharge, but is generally caused by reproductive tract infections. Such infections can come from:
Causes of Discharge
a. Fungus Candida or Monilia
Whitish due to this fungus is white, milk, thick, smelly little hard, accompanied by intense itching in the vagina dominant. Consequently, the opening of the vagina becomes red and inflamed. Discharge is usually triggered by pregnancy, diabetes, use birth control pills, and low endurance. Newborns can also be infected with the fungus Candida vaginal discharge due to this because his mother accidentally ingested fluid that is a patient during childbirth.

b. Parasite Trichomonas vaginalis
Transmitted primarily through sexual intercourse so that one of the Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), but in addition it can also pass toiletries, toilet or lips that have been contaminated. Whitish liquid is very thick, frothy, yellow or greenish with a metallic smell. Whiteness because these parasites do not cause itching, but the vagina pain when pressed.

c. Bacteria Gardnella
Most women who experience vaginal bacterial infection without symptoms - symptoms caused by these bacteria means. Vaginal discharge is usually watery, grayish white, watery, frothy, fishy-smelling (fishy odor). Odor would be more puncture after sexual intercourse and menstrual blood causes unpleasant smells. If found to irritate the vaginal area as itch is usually milder than in vaginal discharge caused by Candida albicans or Trichomonas vaginalis.

d. Virus
Discharge due to viral infection is often caused venereal diseases such as condyloma, herpes, HIV / AIDS. Condyloma marked the growth of warts with liquid that smells very much. This disease often affects pregnant women. While the herpes virus is transmitted through sexual intercourse. Symptoms such as blisters, there is around the vagina, itchy discharge, and was hot. Need to watch out for discharge from the virus because the virus can infect one of the factors triggering cervical cancer.

Vaginal discharge caused by an infection that left untreated for long periods of time can cause infertility. This is because the infection extends into the cavity of the uterus, the fallopian tubes and then until the ovaries and can spread to the pelvic cavity.
How to Cope with whitish

Drug used to treat vaginal discharge has been sold at pharmacies (you can also consult a doctor), but you also know the hurt tidakada how to cope with whitish with traditional recipes as follows:
Take 10 beluntas leaves, a piece of wood Rapet pulosari type 5-6cm long, 1 stick of key retrieval, turmeric and a little tip of your little finger meeting buffoonery.
All of the chopped herbs, herb gathering and meeting buffoonery key thinly sliced ​​put into the pot with the leaves beluntasdan filled with 2 cups water, boil to boil down to one-third cup water to live
Take the boiling water and drink warm. Use this mixture for 10 days with the regular discharge is lost and recovered. Good luck.
Qvae:  How To Overcome And Cause Discharge in Women


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