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Forming a Winning Spirit

Forming a Winning Spirit

"A true winner is one who can win the others."

Forming a Winning Spirit

We are born into this world with great potential to become a winner in life. We provided a set of tools to live a very severe form of MIND, FREE WILL, and CONSCIENCE. Capital should be used optimally.

Remember always, that a winner does not mean always win. But stay calm when a failure and did not panic when losing.

Winner in the personal life is a bold approach to life, not afraid to face challenges, not afraid of difficulties, do not depend on the situation, and not defeated by things that are negative

Make the other person as a motivator, a teacher and a good mirror Learn from their successes and failures. It is pointless if you feel smug - more intense in some areas than others. And no matter which needs to be a reason to be discouraged if you do not like their victories in other areas.

Dare to take risks. All the precious things in life should be seized with courage. If all factors are taken into account, do anything that can improve your quality of life.

Thinking as a winner. The mind is the potential and strengths you can build or ruin your life depends on how you steer. You always set your mind to think about things that are noble, right, fair, an important and happy.
Said as a winner. Find the positive words to yourself, and make positive words as a tool to strengthen the soul, not to weaken. Better you say, "I'm going to get better" than "I'm tired of seeing but no results". Or. "If today I had no luck, there's no tomorrow" better than "I was unlucky today!"

Behave as a winner. A winner will be active, diligent, hard working, honest and not give up easily. If every day you train the habit of acting as a winner, then you are actually exercising the muscles of your soul into the muscle of a winner. Do not let your soul is weak, so you always lose. Try to continue to develop the properties of the winner. Humility, courage, perseverance, high-minded, and avoid cowardice - blame someone else, selfish, jealous, arrogant, angry, and procrastinate.

Diligently to achieve what you want. Do not get disappointed and discouraged when faced with obstacles. Never give up under any circumstances. Great men throughout history, has proved that many things seem difficult and impossible, can be broken by perseverance.

Respect yourself. Consider the attitude, speech, and appearance. Starting from the value yourself, then you will be able to respect others. And when you respect others, then they will respect you.

Try to control yourself. Be a winner for yourself, then you're more likely to be the winner in a broader scope. For example, you can begin to be honest with yourself, control your emotions, exercise self-discipline and be calm in the face of a variety of situations.

There is no harm, dare succumb to win. A winner will not insist on winning the debate and argument. Only a coward at heart people who want to satisfy his pride with apparent victory.

Decide for bold change. The life of a winner is marked by changes towards a better, more enjoyable and more successful. Do not expect the situation or another person who will change your life. You alone are responsible for repairing and improving the quality of your life.

Cheer for every victory you win. When you manage to do what was planned, when it managed to discipline himself, when properly managed to resolve conflicts, when no longer deceive others, and many other things that you had won. Large or small victories you have achieved, continue your efforts, and enjoy lots of pleasant surprises that will adorn your life journey.

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Forming a Winning Spirit


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